• DJ Noise Controller

    DJ Noise Controller is a secret agent sent by the government of the eternal inner world to make the people of Earth dance. He likes to surf the life fantastic, fly kites, eat melons and make infectious grooves and anthemic tunes. All at the same time so you just have to dance.

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  • Mr Don

    Mr Don is a musical force, a guitar slinging stowaway from a long line of underground Andalusian musical gangsters smuggling stolen recipe's of luscious fat rhythms and deep and funky feeling grooves with soul, love, chorizo and sangria.

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  • Maitreya

    Maitreya is an alien from the planet Space Dust on a short visit to earth. He has taken the form of an MC to spread the universal message of love after which he will return to Space Dust to resume his duties as a dish washer.

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  • Mr Leaf

    Mr Leaf was raised up by ancient clowns in the pyramids. He fears no bass line and will make you shake your booty till the ground rumbles. He is one with nature, he harmonises with the earth.

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